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Tuesday, December 02 2008


How does baby / infant formula get contaminated with Enterobacter sakazakii? Can other foods

also be contaminated?


Basically there are three routes by which Enterobacter sakazakii can enter infant formula:


a) through the raw material used for producing the formula;

b) through contamination of the formula or other dry ingredients after pasteurization; and

c) through contamination of the formula as it is being reconstituted by the caregiver just prior to



Enterobacter sakazakii has been detected in other types of food, but only powdered infant formula

has been linked to outbreaks of disease. Recently 2 babies in New Mexico have thought to have contracted

the deadly bacteria, Enterobacter sakazakii from powdered infant formula. Tests are still underway to test the source of the potential outbreak. See: Bacteria in Baby Formula

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