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Mesh Implant Recall
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Transvaginal Mesh Products Include:
* Ethicon TVT
* Gynecare Prolift
* Gynecare Prosima
* Gynecare TVT
* Gynemesh PS
* Avaulta PlusT BioSynthetic Support
* Avaulta SoloT Synthetic Support
* Faslata Allograft
* PelvitexT Polypropylene Mesh
* Pelvicol Tissue
* AdvantageT Sling System
* PelviSoft Biomesh
* Prefyx Mid UT Mesh Sling System
* Prefyx PPST System
* Obtryx Curved Single
* Obtryx Mesh Sling
* Arise
* Pinnacle
* Solyx
* Lynx
* BioArc
* MiniArc
* Apogee
* Elevate
* Monarc
* In-Fast
* Perigree
Mesh Erosion Lawsuit 

Vaginal Mesh Erosion Lawsuit in the News

Filing a mesh erosion lawsuit has become an increasingly common way for many women injured by transvaginal mesh surgery to take a stand against the large companies who manufacture these products. A mesh erosion lawsuit is typically filed on the premise that the company did not fully alert consumers regarding the potential for danger and risks associated with their product. Some mesh erosion lawsuit claims assert that the company and product were negligent as well as ineffective. A mesh erosion lawsuit can result in financial compensation associated with the physical, emotional injuries in addition to time lost from work and financial aspects.

** Currently Representing over 750 Women in TVM & Bladder Sling Cases Across the USA

What is Mesh Erosion?

Transvaginal mesh erosion occurs with the polypropylene mesh comprising the device wears through the vaginal walls. Mesh erosion goes by several names including:

  • Mesh Protrusion (because the mesh device "protrudes" or pushes through the vaginal wall)
  • Mesh Exposure (because the mesh device is exposed and visible through the vaginal wall)
  • Mesh Extrusion (because the mesh has thrust or forced itself out through the vaginal wall)

By any name, mesh erosion or mesh extrusion or mesh exposure is a painful experience for those it afflicts. Mesh erosion can result in vaginal bleeding as well as infection. The treatment for mesh erosion can be very physically difficult as well as financially expensive. Many women respond by filing a mesh erosion lawsuit in an attempt to alleviate the financial pressure associated with this experience.

Mesh Erosion Treatment

When a woman experiences the painful transvaginal mesh complication of mesh erosion, the result is excruciatingly painful. Unfortunately, mesh erosion typically requires additional surgery and/or hospitalization in order to treat. A mesh erosion revision surgery attempts to excavate and remove the device from the body entirely. Through removing the mesh, a woman should experience less of the painful mesh erosion side effects. However, in many cases transvaginal mesh sling devices cannot be fully removed from the body and quality of life is never fully restored.

File a Mesh Erosion Lawsuit: Speak to an Attorney

Have you or a loved one experienced mesh erosion after treatment with a transvaginal mesh sling? If so, you should contact the talented product liability team at the Willis Law Firm today for a free mesh erosion lawsuit consultation. We have female consultants trained and ready to discuss this sensitive women's health topic with you in confidence. You may have a legal entitlement to financial compensation in regard to the injuries you have experienced, and our firm can help you determine if a mesh erosion lawsuit is the right choice for you. All mesh erosion lawsuits are accepted on a fee contingent basis; you will not be billed unless we recover for you.

If you or a loved one is suffering from vaginal mesh (TVM), ObTape and bladder sling injuries please call the Willis Law Firm. We have female nurses & consultants standing by, trained to discuss sensitive issues confidentially. We are currently accepting ObTape Bladder Sling, Transvaginal Mesh Injury lawsuits nationwide.

All cases are handled on a Contingency Fee Basis (no attorney's fees or expenses charged unless we recover for you).

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